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Are discounts available if I have more than one vehicle?

Yes! Discounts are available whenever we service more than one vehicle at a single location. Please ask us for more information.

Do you require water and/or electric on-site?

No, we do not require any water or electric from you. One of the great things about Bayfront Detailers is that we are completely self-contained, and do not need to use any on-site resources.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, click here, and we will contact you shortly afterward to confirm the details.

Do I need to give you the keys to my vehicle?

In most cases, yes. In order to gain access to the inside of the vehicle, door jams, under the hood, and to park it in the most efficient place, we would need the keys. We can text/call you when we are en route to best coordinate retrieving them from you.

Why should I have my vehicle detailed?

For most adults, their vehicle(s) represent their most expensive asset aside from their home. Daily driven vehicles take a lot of abuse, such as dirty shoes on the floors, drips and spills, UV damage from the sun, and even physical contaminants that become embedded into the paint, such as dirt and brake dust.

Most people spend hours driving each week. By regularly detailing your vehicle, you help retain it’s value, ensure it’s longevity, and increase your driving pleasure by operating a clean, properly maintained vehicle. Detailing your vehicle can also help with odors and allergies, too!

Where do I need to bring my vehicle in order to have it detailed?

One of the benefits of our mobile detailing services is that we come to you. We can detail your vehicle at your home or place of business.

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